A choreographer faces a plethora of challenges. Before she can begin choreographing in earnest, she must become intimately familiar with every phrase and nuance of the music. She must synchronize music and steps with great precision to maintain the fluidity and audience interest. She must be able to communicate even the subtlest of reflections with lucidity. Group choreography is much more challenging without the ability to visualize the movements or listen to the ensuing feet rhythms and percussion against the aural backdrop of music.

Foot Rhythm offers a creative solution to help choreographers create and communicate the art with lucidity. Whether you are an aspiring dancer or a seasoned choreographer, you will benefit from the great features packed in our software products:

  • Create, compose and edit high-quality choreography with simplified editor, drag-and-drop effects and dynamic feedback.
  • Access a rich catalog of dance phrases to nourish and inspire your ideas.
  • Design a scenic digital stage with intuitive interaction and analyze the formation of visual patterns and spatial design.
  • Experience the aural patterns created with intricate rhythms and percussive sounds and watch your directorial labor unfold before your eyes.
  • Analyze the principles of composition (unity, continuity, variety), key moments and movements and fine-tune details.
  • Share your choreography and make the dance rehearsals more efficient than ever.
  • Document your choreography using a codified vocabulary so that it can be digitally reconstructed in future.
  • Personalize your work canvas with a steady spiral of your compositions and capture the journey to your finished work.