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Thelma L Goldberg

Thelma L Goldberg founded The Dance Inn, a Lexington dance studio serving more than 400 students weekly, in 1983. As Executive Director of Dance Inn Productions, a 501c.3 organization, she produced annual International Tap Day Festivals from 1997-2013. She is often on the faculty of the Dancelife Teacher Conference and is a guest faculty member of the American Tap Dance Foundation’s Tap Teacher Training Program. She received the 2015 Dr. Michael Shannon Dance Champion Award from the Boston Dance Alliance for “her sustained excellence in teaching and passionate advocacy for the art of tap dancing.” This passion has resulted in Thelma’s Tap Notes, a series of books, DVDs, and classroom material designed to support tap educators. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies with a specialization in tap dance education at Lesley University and continues to teach classes for all ages at her studio. Visit YouTube/Thelma’s Tap Notes for footage of a variety of tap routines and exercises. Notes are available upon request for any of the routines that are online.

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